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up’n running

karmapolice.de ≠ the daily diary of Martin Weissgerber! But at least the website is up and running again. It took me a while (2 months??) to figure why the site of offline: my super cool provider had deleted my 2nd data base user so WordPress was unable to access the database. Thanking Malario for his awesome help!
Most you do probably know that I am back in Germany for almost 2 months now. I spent about one week with César, Raquel and the incredible Pili in Barcelona. It’s hard to believe that 4 years had passed that César and I met the last time!! So that was super nice and Barcelona is a great city.
The last weekend was reserved for Berlin and I have to tell you that I never had liked this town. But I so totally changed my opinion in only 3,5 days! Berlin is awesome!
Here are some photos: Dominican Republic (with my boys), Barcelona, Berlin. Enjoy!

June 20, 2010   3 Comments


I am back from a sweet weekend trip to the peninsula of Samaná here in the Dominican Republic. The only thing that tells me that this is not paradise is that there are to many hotels being constructed. Even on the most hidden beach the start buying ground to destroy the original beauty. Had an awesome time – hope the photos show this at least a little! So Mark and I were tripping there by bus, by guagua (little bus oder pickup) and by moto. Especially the moto is fun: 3 guys plus bags on a little moped on a hilly road in the middle of nowhere …

April 26, 2010   3 Comments


I am in Mexico for exactly 3 weeks now and haven’t posted anything. It’s not the internet connection this time. It’s rather me being lazy. And I haven’t really had the time for to take photos. Anyhow, it’s cool to be back here in Cuernavaca which is the city I was for studying Spanish in 2008. Pretty strange because it feels like yesterday and like some light year away at the same time. Yesterday we made a nice trip to Taxco together with the volunteers. All nice gringos and that was fun. Taxco is a sweet little town about 2 hours west of Cuernavaca. Great colonial style, loads of silver and jewellery shops and awesome views. Here we go! Mexico is definitely the country were you want to start you travels in Central America.

April 12, 2010   No Comments

Dominican Weekend!

I had a lovely last weekend in the Dominican Republic. Kiki, a German living there with her little son invited me to her house in a small village and it was great. She bought a couple of chicks which the neighbor’s boys killed for us. Impressive!
Also we went to San Pedro for to see the party for the independence day at the Malecon. If you ever want learn how to make babies on a dance floor I can just recommend you that event :)

At any rate I was surprised by the poverty in the villages in the D.R. – I always thought it’s a rich tourist island. But no … I was wrong … it’s a poor country with some alien’s places called

March 2, 2010   No Comments

in the cane-fields

Last Friday I got a chance for a side trip to some of the surrounding villages. Here they call them Bateys. Extremely poor, friendly people, mostly descendants of Haitians and workers in the sugarcane fields. Ahh, no time for writing more right now. Hope the photos tell the story ;-)

February 22, 2010   No Comments


Guys, I was just sitting in the office here in the Dominican when 2 “official” guys came in and told me they need blood from me. Now, I am little curious and of course before giving blood to some strangers I want to know what would be for! They didn’t give me what I’d call “detailed information” but I think they make tests among all the people here because one of the volunteers got Malaria. I suppose I am not in risk since I am taking Chloroquine for a couple of weeks already but anyway. The guy opens this odd-looking wooden box with little glass test forms. Obviously there isn’t much any order and although he’s writing down my name and age and stuff I strongly doubt he will be able to figure out which test belongs to which person. Then I tell him that I already have a Malaria medication which makes him start to think. Apparently he has no medical background but now he has this 2 big boxes of Malaria pills: Chloroquine (which I already take) and something else. So usually you take one of those but never 2 at the same time. But this freak tries to make to take me the 2nd sort of pills as well. “Unfortunately” there isn’t any water here in the office right now. What a bad luck! So I tell him that he should leave the pills here and I am gonna take those later. I think this insulted his pride as an qualified “official” slightly and when leaving the office he keeps telling me “search for water, you have to take these pills, look for water!”

But it’s too late – I already turned towards my computer for to write this text ;-)

February 15, 2010   No Comments


Last Friday I got a short-dated and surprising offer to join one of the transports that bring goods and aid from the NPH home here in the Dominican Republic to the hospital St. Damian in Haiti. We started Friday at midnight: one bus, 2 pickups and the truck with me as the co-pilot and Colin (a relaxed guy from California) as the driver. We have almost 9 hours of road to go and that is much. It’s dark, the lights of our truck are badly adjusted and that’s definitely shitty when there are bumpers and deep road holes appear every once in a while. And sometimes there are more potholes than paved part on the road.

Dominican soldiers in “desert storm” uniforms control the roads; however there is no control when entering Haiti. No stamp, no visa, no nothin’. The border area looks bizarre. The white dust from the unpaved road covers the trees, bright rocks and a lake that flooded areas that were uncovered before give me a surreal impression. Now there are more trucks and transports going towards Port-au-Prince. At the same time there are groups of people walking towards the border. To the right we see a fort of the UN with a tank ran by blue helmets. We are not entering the capital but to Tabarre where the NPH hospital is located. On the way we pass a couple of tent camps. Obviously just build out of sheets. There isn’t that much devastation here but the damages get stronger the closer we come to the city. We reach the hospital at 9 am and it’s much bigger than expected! Some walls have come down and elevators and such things are not working. There are many people being busy: Italian civil defense, volunteers from all over the world (many Italians though), doctors, nurses, coordinators, tents outside, many patients inside. I meet a couple of people I already now. It’s not as chaotic as I thought but I can see that these people have worked hard to get everything organized in the last weeks …

In the next couple of hours I try to gather as much information as possible and to take some good photos as well. At 2 p.m. we start heading back. I am already tired. And we still have 9 hours to go …

February 14, 2010   No Comments

San Juan del Sur

I am already in the Dominican Republic but wanted to share my last Sunday where I had a little excursion to a mellow (gringo-filled) town called San Juan del Sur. Nothing really exciting, just laid-back, lots of surfer guys, good Nicaraguan food and beer …

February 10, 2010   No Comments