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Honduras, again!

While writing this I am already in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Here I have the internet connection it takes to upload a couple of photos with impressions of my visit to Honduras.
It’s always something special to return to the Ranch. After having lived there for one year and to know all those great people – volunteers, employees and most important the kids. Two weeks are few but it was great. I only wished I could have stayed a little longer! It is remarkable how fast the kids grow … I remember them when I started as a volunteer and the boys in my house they were little. Now they are in their adolescent phase. Anyhow, most of them still like me so I suppose I did thing well back than.

Also, I had the chance to visit Ben (he and I were both volunteering at the Ranch) near La Ceiba were he works now for another NGO. While I was always a little disappointed with the whole landscape and nature around the capital Tegucigalpa I have to state that La Ceiba and the national park “Pico Bonito” is an amazing spot! I definitely have to return one day. I better let the photos speak for themselves:


1 Monika { 04.15.11 at 18:11 }

good to have karmapolice back with some impressions :-) Great to be at least a bit with you on this great jorney named live^^

So, and now you are in Mexico, and you pronounce to have shoes for tines and michas marriage party. I am really excited and nervous about that, remembering patricks link on facebook …

2 whity { 04.16.11 at 22:42 }

now that just made me think – perhaps my shoes ain’t that appropriate! Patman might easily beat my rather normal shoes with his super boots!!

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