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Neverville on karmapolice.de

Dear karmapolice.de reader!

Due to the fact that this blog seems a little frozen, I would like to seize the chance to plug my own website and hereby the band Neverville. Some of you might remember a post on karmapolice.de where I advertised a new recording of the song In the Light. Well, The Primps are now Neverville and the song In the Light is still one of our favorites, now with a better (studio-) recording.

After being left by the drummer and the bassist in August 2009, Neverville has found a new drummer. But we are still searching for a bassist. I surmise that karmapolice.de is not the hottest spot for musicians looking for a band, but if you know someone playing the bass and having time to rehearse with us here in Leipzig, please let him or her know about us.

I hope my post also helps heating up karmapolice.de.

Best wishes,

Matze Cash



1 waldfee { 08.07.10 at 17:07 }

Hurray for this post! More heat and action for karmapolice! A worthy wish :-)

2 whity { 08.08.10 at 23:09 }

You think that this ain’t the hottest spot for finding a base guitarist? What about Mr. Walte? Has he mastered the levels 1–3 for to be ready for a band? He’s not just a bassist he’s also left-hander :D
I try to post with a higher frequency! And “In the Light” is a great song indeed!!

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