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up’n running

karmapolice.de ≠ the daily diary of Martin Weissgerber! But at least the website is up and running again. It took me a while (2 months??) to figure why the site of offline: my super cool provider had deleted my 2nd data base user so WordPress was unable to access the database. Thanking Malario for his awesome help!
Most you do probably know that I am back in Germany for almost 2 months now. I spent about one week with César, Raquel and the incredible Pili in Barcelona. It’s hard to believe that 4 years had passed that César and I met the last time!! So that was super nice and Barcelona is a great city.
The last weekend was reserved for Berlin and I have to tell you that I never had liked this town. But I so totally changed my opinion in only 3,5 days! Berlin is awesome!
Here are some photos: Dominican Republic (with my boys), Barcelona, Berlin. Enjoy!


1 Pili { 06.21.10 at 7:57 }

Aun me duele mi espalda de la foto 6! Me debes un masaje!jejeje

2 el Martiño { 06.22.10 at 20:34 }

Es que eres demasiada sensible. Recuérdate que soy un alemán típico y duro!

3 Matze Cash { 08.03.10 at 0:54 }

karmapolice.de really isn’t a diary of whity a.k.a . el Martiño a.k.a. Martin Weissgerber. It’s more a kind of a “hey, this guy is still alive” – thing. But keep on rockin’, my friend! – and I hope you’re alive…

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