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I am back from a sweet weekend trip to the peninsula of Samaná here in the Dominican Republic. The only thing that tells me that this is not paradise is that there are to many hotels being constructed. Even on the most hidden beach the start buying ground to destroy the original beauty. Had an awesome time – hope the photos show this at least a little! So Mark and I were tripping there by bus, by guagua (little bus oder pickup) and by moto. Especially the moto is fun: 3 guys plus bags on a little moped on a hilly road in the middle of nowhere …


1 Alicia { 04.26.10 at 22:14 }

I am not sure that you got to the right beaches in Samana. There are still some untouched by tourism.

2 La Mari Pili { 04.28.10 at 19:39 }

Pero que guapo es mi niño, coño!

3 waldfee { 04.30.10 at 7:35 }

yeahhyeahhyeahh. amazing pics that tell of an amazing time :-)

will you bring the crab with you to europe? its so a sweet little shy thing ;-)

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