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Proudly presenting MyGoodShop.de:

This is the project I am working on here in Honduras and I am really happy with it. For those of you who don’t speak german (the website is unfortunately only available in german language) a short description:

The Rancho Santa Fé is an orphanage in Honduras that is run by the international organization Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos. The webshop is brand new and you may “buy” things needed here for the children, for maintaining everything, for the farm, education and different projects. In other words: you can donate money for things that are really needed here. As soon as there are enough donations for buying the certain amount that is needed we will buy the things. After we bought the “products” and they are on the ranch every donor will receive an email with some fotos. Clear concept, isn’t it!
And as I am working here and as I can see how much money is needed my concern to you is to “use” the store or to become a godparent for one certain child. The economic crisis is affecting all of us but especially the people in countries like Honduras. And wouldn’t it be great to give a child a future?

P.S.: I am glad to inform you that “Mr España” César already donated something. I think it was milk :-) He wasn’t kept away by all this german!


1 Alex { 11.27.08 at 19:10 }

Hola Waldfee and Walte, let me suggest to buy some “Ferkel”! And also I dare to recommend a very important funtional extension of the website which allows me to give my Ferkel a name, I would like so much to name it Alex! :-) Would that be possible? JEJEJE!

2 whity { 11.27.08 at 19:53 }

Aha, what an interesting idea. Perhaps you should use the contact form and propose this officially. I am not too sure if we can realize your idea but of course we’re taking this really seriously and will discuss it!
And if you really donate a piglet I will go to the farm, baptize it with the name “Alex” and send you an extra email with your namesake. I am not sure of Waldfee will participate and the pig thing. Bear in mind – she is vegetarian ;)

3 Alex { 11.27.08 at 22:48 }

Honestly I am thinking about donating a Ferkel, but please forget about the “Ferkel-name-function”-proposal. If I should have any serious proposals I will post them directly at mygoodshop. ;-)

The icons are very cute, whity-styled?

4 waldfee { 11.28.08 at 8:12 }

interesting how very well you know me. wanted to discuss this here, too. Mr. whitey, what a shame! Making such cute pictures from little piggies and little chicks, so that instinct says: buy it! buy it!

But small print says that they are for food production and this is really a difficult predicament for vegetarians. of course they need little cute pigs. but as a meal?! :-(

Well, happy enough there are a lot of other good things to buy that do not include meat production. And the image how with each klick whitey is sent to the market, with loads full of groceries, blankets, etc. gives a funny additional value to the good deed. :-D

5 whity { 11.28.08 at 17:20 }

Ms Waldfee, I am really sorry to inform you that this is neither a pony ranch nor a petting zoo for piglets. We eat almost everything that consists of meat here :)
But another suggestion for you is to buy an own pet. I think Walte would do great as a proud daddy of a cute little piggy. Have you heard of those that stay really small?

And hey, feel free to buy things. I will take funny fotos from the market :P

6 waldfee { 11.30.08 at 16:36 }

Well, those minipigs are black and fat. I want a cute pink one, that does not grow bigger. But thanks for caring. Of course I am thinking very often of having a pet. The current favourit is this one:

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